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Find all the information about Bank of Hawaii. Below you may find their branch and ATM locations, contact information such as phone numbers or email, where their head office is located, and what financial services they offer.

Bank of Hawaii LogoBank of Hawaii is a subsidiary of the Bank of Hawaii corporation, and comes in as the states largest locally owned bank.

When we say it’s the largest bank in the state, we weren’t kidding. Bank of Hawaii not only has the most customer, it also has the largest number of accounts, most number of branches, and the highest number of ATMs around all the island.

The only record it hasn’t managed to acquire yet, is that of the greatest amount of dollars in deposits to the bank. Which is currently held by the First Hawaiian Bank.

Origins of the bank can be dated back to 1893 when one Peter Cushman Jones enticed a few of his friends to help him form a new bank on the Hawaiian islands.

Bank of Hawaii primarily service four different segments in the finance industry. Retail banking, investment services, commercial banking, and commercial treasury functions.

With assets totalling nearly $13 billion as of 2009, it has almost double the amount of its competitor, American Savings Bank.

Assets as high as that, has granted it a listing on the New York Stock Exchange as “BOH”. As of November 2016, the bank was currently trading at its highest ever price, of around $85.00 USD.

Bank of Hawaii Branch

Of the four areas listed above, Bank of Hawaii offer the following services:

  • Personal and small business
    • Checking
    • Savings
    • Special Packages
    • Loans & Lines
    • Mortgages
    • Credit Cards
    • Debit Cards
    • Online & Mobile Banking
    • IRAs
    • Additional Services
  • Corporate and commercial
    • Checking
    • Savings
    • Cash Management
    • Loans & Leasing
    • International Trade Services
    • Business Needs
    • Additional Services
  • Wealth management
    • Investment Products
    • Bankoh Advisors
    • Estate and Financial Planning
    • Private Banking
    • Investment Management
    • Personal Trust
    • Bankoh Investment Services, Inc.

If you’re wondering what “Bankoh” means, it’s just a colloquial term used by the residents when referring to the bank. Just like “Maccas” refers to McDonalds in Australia.

Head office address

Bank of Hawaii Headquarters
111 South King Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

Postal address
P.O. Box 2900
Honolulu, HI 96846


General enquiries

  • In Hawaii: 643-3888
  • In US mainland or Canada: 1-888-643-3888
  • In Guam and Saipan: 1-877-553-2424
  • In American Samoa: 684-633-2872
  • In Palau: 680-488-3338

MyBankoh Rewards Credit Card

  • 1-888-455-5330

Hawaiian Airlines Consumer Credit Card

  • 1-866-250-2883

Hawaiian Airlines Business Credit Card

  • 1-866-686-5229

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