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Best Bank in HawaiiWhich bank tops the list as claiming the title of the “Best Bank in Hawaii?” Read on to find out who wins.



Choosing a bank can be a mind-wrenching process. There are many different factors that you should take into consideration when conducting your due diligence of a bank. You may take a look at the number of branch/ATM locations the bank has, any previous experiences regarding their customer service, how extravagant their fees are, what kind of interest rates the bank offers on its  products, and many more.

We all have our unique preferences influencing our beliefs in what makes a bank the best. But what’s the overall opinion on the best bank in Hawaii? We scoured the web any couldn’t find any good representations, so we decided to make one!

All of the seven major banks currently operation in Hawaii as of December 2016 are listed below. You’ll find a brief description on the operations of the bank, how accessible their locations are, and if possible, what kind of fees you can expect if you sign up with the bank.

Popular Banks in Hawaii

Credit unions won’t be included in the list as although they offer similar services, they are not officially open to the public. However there have been reports that Hawaiian credit unions are too strict with who can become a customer.

If you’re unaware about the banks in Hawaii, have a quick read of their descriptions below, and then head on down to the bottom of the page to cast your vote on the poll. If you’re well aware of all the Hawaiian banks, feel free to skip the descriptions and head straight to the polls!

Alright! Enough talking! Onto the banks…The following list is in alphabetical order and makes no representation of our views on the banks popularity.

American Savings Bank

American Savings Bank (ASB) dates it origins bank to 1922. After many mergers and acquisitions of various other banks, the official ASB was brought to life in 1987. The organisation grew to become a dominant bank in the state after the acquisition of Bank of America’s Hawaii Division in 1997.

American Savings Bank (ASB) Hawaii Logo

ASB’s current marketing focus is to open their doors to all residents in Hawaii, no matter where you come from or the circumstances you’re under.

Branches total 52 around the six public islands, with 58 ATMs spread out across the state as well.

Click here for a full description of American Savings Bank.

Bank of Hawaii

Bank of Hawaii (BOH) currently sits at the top if the list of banks in regards to size. But only for the most number of accounts, customers, branches, and ATMs. The First Hawaiian Bank currently holds the record to the largest number of deposits in Hawaii.

Bank of Hawaii Logo

BOH has roots going back to 1893, when Peter Jones and a few of his friends decided to start a new bank together on the island.

67 branches around Hawaii are operated by Bank of Hawaii, with their ATMs adding up to a huge 351 different locations.

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Bank of the Orient

Bank of the Orient was one of the first Asian American banks to expand beyond its original territory. Where was their original territory? San Francisco, where their headquarters are still located today.

Bank of the Orient Hawaii Logo

The bank was founded in 1971 by one Chinese Filipino, Ernest Go. It currently has operations in California, Xiamen, and Hawaii.

Only a single branch is operational on the Oahu Island in Honolulu. There are no Bank of the orient branded ATMs in the Hawaiian state.

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Central Pacific Bank

Koichi Iiad was the original founded of the Central Pacific Bank after receiving assistance from the Sumitomo Bank in Japan. It currently operates as a subsidiary of the Central Pacific Financial Corporation.

Central Pacific Bank Hawaii Logo

The bank may come in as one of the most popular; if not the best bank in Hawaii as their original efforts in helping immigrant families move away from the plantations granted them great community respect. Today, the bank services the many needs of Hawaii’s resident, visitors, and small business across the islands.

Central Pacific Bank operates 35 branches around the state, with 46 ATMs allowing its customers to access their accounts.

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Finance Factors Hawaii

Finance Factors was initially brought about by Hiram Fong along with a few other families on the island in 1952. It was created to provide banking and financial services to the ever growing number of minorities they were moving to the islands.

Finance Factors Hawaii Logo

From one of the smallest organisations in the state, it has expanded to become one of Hawaii’s largest depository finance services loan company. Impressive stuff!

Unfortunately the bank has no official ATMs across any of the islands. There are however 13 locations in which you’ll be able to locate their branches.

Click here for a full description of Finance Factors.

First Hawaiian Bank

If you hadn’t guessed by it’s name, First Hawaiian Bank is the oldest, and the largest major bank in Hawaii. Founded way back in 1858, it holds the title for the highest number of deposits, loans, and the greatest total assets figure.

First Hawaiian Bank Logo

Mr. Bishop and Mr. Aldrich were the original founders of the bank, named Bishop & Co.

Across the islands of Hawaii, First Hawaiian Bank operate 58 branches, combined with a total of 136 ATMs as well.

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Hawaii National Bank

The Hawaii National Bank has been around for over 50 years now, after being established back in 1960. As it’s privately owned, there is no obligation for the bank to provide data to the public on its operations or financial statements.

Hawaiian National Bank Logo

Marketing efforts have been placed on building enduring relationships with their customers, and continuously providing value-added support to all of their business dealings.

13 branches belonging to the bank are located across Hawaii. The bank has no ATMs of their own.

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