Largest Banks in Hawaii

Largest Banks in HawaiiFind out exactly which are the largest banks in Hawaii by total assets, employees, branches, ATMs, and net operating income.

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We’ve compiled a list of all the banks in Hawaii, gathered a range of information relating to each of them, and placed them neatly in the table below. Why? To find out which bank is the biggest in Hawaii of course!

Biggest Hawaii Banks

You can find the largest by sorting each of the columns – total branches, total ATMs, total employees, total assets, and total operating income.

A few small disclaimers before you can have your fun!

Employees – Figures have been taken directly from the bank’s website or from the Wikipedia page if they’re available.

Assets & revenue – Numbers are only available publicly for those that are not private companies.

Branches – The total number has been curated from our branch locations in Hawaii.

ATMs – The total number has been curated from our ATM locations in Hawaii

If you like, after you’ve finished finding out which is the biggest, you can click on each of the bank’s names to find out more information about them.

Bank Branches   ATMs   Employees Assets (million)  Net Income (million) 
American Savings Bank  54  130  1,115 $6,336 $41
Bank of Hawaii 65  446  2,125 $16,036 $138
Bank of the Orient 1 0  118 $559 $1.2
Central Pacific Bank  35  63 788 $5,309 $37
Finance Factors  13 0 130 $560 $2.5
First Hawaiian Bank  57 136  2,197 $19,842 $180
Hawaii National Bank  13  0  177 $687 $0.236
HomeStreet Bank 11 0  2,411 $6,190 $57
Territorial Savings Bank  28 27  276 $1,848 $12



Awesome! Now you know exactly which of the banks in Hawaii are the largest by a range of different factors.

Were you surprised by the results? Did you guess the right answer? If not, hopefully you’ve learned some new information today. So what now? Let your friends know! See if they can guess the correct answer.

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